English 1 lesson 75

“How serious was Plunkitt about patriotism’s connection to obtaining a job after Tammany won an election?”

George Washington Plunkitt was a Tammany Hall politician. Tammany Hall was a New York city politician organization. This group was formed in 1789 in opposition to the federalist party. How serious was Plunkitt about patriotism’s connection to obtaining a job? I would say from reading his autobiography that he was, in fact, very serious about this. I know that it might seem absurd to some that patriotism has any connection whatsoever to obtaining a job, but it did for Mr. Plunkitt. Especially sense he was very involved in the politics. Plunkitt was very serious about this connection from patriotism and obtaining a job because it was what got him elected. Every time that he gave someone a job he would get another person to vote for him. This was a very good entrepreneur tactic to.

Why though did this have any value to George Washington Plunkitt, some may ask? Well, this was very valuable to him because it was also what kept Mr. Plunkitt in power. When being a politician or having some political importance, you need to make people like you. Either by being manipulative, charming, persuasive, handsome, well with words, etc. You need to have some tactic to obtain “fallowers”. So I would say that this was what kept him in the higher ups. Simply put, jobs. He would give people jobs and they would start to fallow him as a leader.

In conclusion, I would say that the connection between patriotisms and jobs was very very important to Mr. Plunkitt. It was important for a number of reasons but the ones that I have stated seem very important. They were what had kept him in power, and what made other people like him.

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