English 1 lesson 70

“Was Washington’s view of the future, also my view of the future?”

I would have to say no. Why? Because Mr. Booker T. Washington was living way back when, and I am living in the present. We don’t see some technological advances, or societal developments. Sometimes those things just happen. I never expected that Biden would become president. Or that he’d choose Kamala Harris as his Vice President. Or that we are having a societal civil war with BLM because they want “justice” by demanding rights. How could I… predict that? I couldn’t. I also don’t think that Mr. Washington thought that the black race was going to become equal with other people. Especially the whites. And reader, you could disagree that they didn’t become equal, but how come they have the same exact rights as I, You, and everyone else? But they do. So no, I do not think that me and Mr. Washington predicted the same thing for the future. Thank you.

Yours Truly

P.s if you would like to discuss pls comment.

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