lets put it out there

//just listen to the words of my voice

you are beautiful, i may not know you, but the fact that you have started reading this tells me that you my dear, are beautiful

why have you been putting off that something?

what do i mean? its just a funny little thing, don’t worry

what is that something? well i dont know now, do i, but you do

could be anything, anything at all

but can i tell you a secret?

we are going to die, and i think that we need to live a little to experience the most

my experiences are different from your, yours are different from mine, and so on

why are we, you and i, wasting our life on small tragedy’s…lets live a little

you and i

we could even be friends

or enemy’s

whichever you prefer

but time is a dirty little thing, isn’t she

Always sneaking up on you, and before you know it… your life is gone

so for your sake, don’t waste it love

make time have a blast

//yours truly

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